Mission Albuquerque provides short-term mission opportunities for students and adults alike.  For Decades, North Americans have sought short-term missions experiences in other countries and on other continents.  Increasingly, the opportunities that America provides have led people of "all nations" to come to us.  Many of those who have come to us are located in urban areas.  While these urban areas are full of opportunities, they also contain rampant poverty.  These urban areas are fertile ground for the love and compassion of Christ and His Church to take root.

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Student Mission Trips

 The church has constantly faced the challenge of encouraging youth to stay committed to their faith into adulthood.  Researchers agree that one of the most effective ways to keep our youth in the church is to engage them in mission.  Another way to describe this is to make sure that our youth are "Equipped, not Entertained."  Youth mission trips through Mission Albuquerque are designed to help students become more confident in their relationship with God and in the person that God has created them to be, in order to equip them for continued ministry within their own local church.  We have hosted student groups ranging in size from 15 to 150 and have opportunities for compassionate ministries, Outreach and evangelism, and facility care and preparation in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.  We hope that every member of your youth mission teams, including adult sponsors, goes home transformed and ready to find the mission opportunities in their own community.



Our approach is organized, yet flexible. When opportunities arise, we can change the itinerary to provide the best experience possible for your group. We will customize your trip to fit the current needs of the community and the needs of your group.  Short-term mission trips serve an important purpose in spiritual growth - getting individuals out of their normal cultural environment and providing optimal moments for God to speak. They can be steps to another level of faith.

Ministry Projects

Ministry projects are based on the current needs in the Albuquerque area and the timing of the mission team visit. We will work with you to customize the best project based on the size and skill level of your group - partnering with a local church or ministry.  Ministry projects range from sorting and distributing food in our food bank to active street ministry and community outreach events.

Work Projects

Work projects will depend on the needs of our partner ministries and the age and skills of your mission team/sponsors.  Work projects range from general campus clean-up to major roof repair and building projects.

Sample Schedule


Arrive on Monday at Noon:
Lunch/Sponsor Meeting
Evening Challenge Service w/Testimonies of Lives Changed through Urban Ministry


Ministry Project 9-12
Work Project 1-5
Evening Campus Outreach/Taking it to the Streets


Work Project 9-12
Ministry Project 1-5
Evening Worship


Ministry Project 9-12
Lunch/Ministry Project
Work Project 1-5
Dinner/Free Evening (Tram Ride Excursion)


Depart or stay over for an excursion day

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