Helping People Turn the Corner.


Who We Are

For more than 15 years, Mission Albuquerque has provided ministries of compassion and transformation to people in need in the city of Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.  In 2005, Mission Albuquerque began a full-fledged partnership with the ministries of Sandia Church of the Nazarene and began a move deep into the impoverished international district of Albuquerque.  Additionally, we purchased the former Nazarene Indian Bible College in the South Valley of Albuquerque, enhancing our facilities for housing and educational opportunities.


“Life-change does not happen overnight. Heart-change can, but life-change takes time and intentional effort with the help of God.”

— Paraphrase of the beginning of Paragraph 10.1 of the Nazarene manual


We believe that God has called the church and other Christian-led organizations to be about the business of showing God’s grace to our community. If “growth in grace” is necessary as a part of the process of sanctification, then we must put into place programs that extend the grace of God to the lives of people. This is not only in what we might consider “spiritual” endeavors. After all, God does not distinguish between the sacred and the secular. The earth and everything in it belongs to Him. Therefore, it is important to recognize God’s desire to meet the various needs of people and to work in the education of people, in the emotional and mental development of people, and in the development of community among people. Mission Albuquerque, therefore, is the arm of the church that is focused on programs for the development of people in areas that are often not seen as particularly spiritual, but are important to the heart of God.


Our Mission

Mission ABQ is a non-profit organization, established in 1999 to bring hope to a community in need, helping people turn the corner from a place of need to a place of service to others. We do this by:
1) Meeting people at their point of need (meeting real and felt needs)
2) Providing education and training in areas of need to bring individuals to a place of health and wholeness, and
3) Empowering people to care for and meet the needs of others.


Mission ABQ seeks to meet the needs of families and individuals experiencing poverty and hunger. The following help has been provided:
-180,457 lbs of food and 150,000 meals provided last year.
-1500 children representing over 800 families registered for one or more of our programs in 2016.
-Over 500 showers taken by members of the homeless population in Albuquerque.
-Over 250 students of all ages received training and education in 2016.

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Get Involved

Meeting such a great need is never easy. We need participation from as many people and organizations as possible in order to meet the need. Here are some ways that you can help:
-Financial Support - Every program that we provide costs something. Every dollar helps us continue to serve our community.
-In-kind donations - In addition to low-cost furniture and clothing, Mission ABQ sells other items through our thrift stores to provide funding for our other programs. We also are always in need of furniture and supplies for educational programs with children, facility and property tools & Equipment, refrigerators and food storage and service equipment, and many other items.
-Volunteer - We always need volunteers in our food ministries, thrift stores, facility care, and many other areas.
-Partner - Many organizations partner with us to offer services that we cannot provide on our own. We are constantly looking for like-minded partners who want to work with us in our mission.

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