About Heartbeat Connection

Mission ABQ worked closely with the Baby Brianna Foundation since it's beginning, providing a location and storage for distribution of supplies. In mid-2017, when the founders of the foundation moved out-of-state, they divested the remaining funds of the foundation to Mission ABQ in hopes that we would continue to fulfill their mission by providing supplies and education to families of infants in order to help prevent neglect and abuse.  We typically provide blankets, formula, and a diaper bag full of hygiene items for the infant and diapers for newborns, depending on availability and funding.  Strollers and car seats are also provided subject to availability.

The Heartbeat Connection is currently reorganizating to hold monthly workshop events at one of our partner locations. Each event will include a workshop for parents of young children prior to the distribution of the supplies. Register for information on the location of the next event.    When registering, please indicate what sort of information might be helpful in our future workshops.